Cotton Production

It is clearly known that cotton production has long been underway in Ethiopia. Large scale of commercial cotton plantations were developed in the Awash Valley and the Humera areas. The Tendaho Cotton Plantation in the lower Awash Valley was one of Ethiopia’s largest cotton plantations. Also, rain-fed cotton grows in Humera, Bilate, and Arba Minch. Basically, cotton is one of the oldest cultivated fiber rops in Ethiopia.

The following activities have been carried out.

  • Agronomy, crop production, soil and water management and socio-economic aspects.
  • Research in cotton is still conventional.
  • Currently the research program has developed research projects.
  • The general objective of the cotton research project is to generate improved technologies that contribute to the increased production and productivity of cotton and bring the to self-sufficiency, promote export, contribute to economic development and poverty reduction, conservation of integrity of natural resources and the environment.

Cotton Processing Industries

Ethiopia has more than 15 textile and garment industries which are primarily based on cotton raw materials entirely produced by commercial and small-scale farms.

Production Constraints

  • Traditional farming practice in most of the smallholder farmers
  • Lack of good quality seeds
  • Inadequate fertility management
  • Poor post harvesting technologies
  • Lack of integration among actors in the sub-sector
  • Financial problems in smallholder process
  • Lack of coordinating and regulating body of the subsector in the country

This cotton production is a lucrative project in Ethiopia. There are a lot of efforts to develop this project. All foreign potential investors are welcome to invest in cotton production and processing industry in Ethiopia. We ring the bell to awaken investors.