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Foreign investors wishing to invest in Ethiopia are required to apply to the Ethiopian Investment Agency (EIA) on a prescribed form.

Together with the application for an investment permit, the following documents need to be submitted to the Licensing and Registration Directorate of the EIA:


  1. Power of attorney in the case of an application made through an agent; 
  2. For an individual investor, photocopies of relevant pages of passport together with two passport-size photographs; 
  3. For a business organization incorporate in Ethiopia, the memorandum and articles of association; 
  4. For newly established organizations, in addition to item 3 above, photocopies of the passport pages of each shareholder; 
  5. In the case of investment by a branch office of a foreign firm in Ethiopia, copies of the memorandum and articles of association of the parent company; 
  6. and For joint investment by foreign and domestic investors, in addition to item 3 above, photocopies of identity cards or of legal documents certifying domestic investor status.

The minimum capital required of a foreign investor is US$ 200 thousand per project. However, if a foreign investor invests in partnership with domestic investor(s), the minimum capital required of him is US$ 150 thousand per project. The minimum entry capital required of a foreign investor investing in areas of architectural, engineering works or related technical consultancy services, technical testing and analysis and publishing work is US$ 100 thousand where the ownership fully foreign owned, and US$ 50 thousand where the investment is made jointly with domestic partner(s). A foreign investor reinvesting his profits or dividends generated from existing enterprise is not required to allocate a minimum capital.

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