Vision & Mission


To widely introduce the Investment of Ethiopia across the world and attract Foreign potential Investors and the Diaspora to invest and also bring modern technology into the country

To witness Ethiopia turn into one of the star attractions for investment on the African continent and among emerging markets.


The main task of our company is to promote, facilitate, co-ordinate and monitor all investment activities and assist both domestic and foreign investors. Our missions are also:

  • To take the leading position and concentrate on revitalizing and changing the investment climate of Ethiopia through making substantial efforts and by attracting foreign potential investors to come to the country and engage in various areas of opportunities;
  • To provide quick responses to enquiry received and to fully satisfy the needs and demands of prospective potential investors;
  • To acquaint investors with the current area of opportunities that are available in different regional states of Ethiopia and assist investors in realizing/implementing their projects;
  • To render investment consultancy services by the company’s professional, experienced, experts, elite management personnel;
  • To improve Ethiopia’s competitiveness as an investment destination on the African continent;
  • To provide a well-organized service, cost effective and time saving investment process for investors like you; and
  • To grant a conducive economic, social and political environment in which you can invest, grow and be successful in.

Today, our company is exerting unreserved efforts to widely introduce the Investment proclamation of Ethiopia and the vast area of opportunities existing in the country to those interested potential investors residing in different countries of the world.

In today’s global market, the competition to promoting and revitalizing the investment climate across the world, to play vital roles and raise awareness in the sector need hard work, firm and strong stand on our part towards making the required transformation hit the intended target.

In a short period of time, we have established good business relationships with foreign esteemed companies and potential investors. We have so far received different enquires from India, Egypt, the Sudan, Kenya, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon USA … to mention a few. Most foreign potential investors are ambitious and have keen interest to engage in investment in Ethiopia, specifically in the fields such as Agriculture, Agro-Industry, Farming, Cattle rising, Dairy Farm, Horticulture, Flower plantation, forestry, Apiculture, Fishery, Poultry Farm and in many other areas.

In general terms, the principals of our company are focused on creating attractive investment environment aimed at economic development and transformation of the socio-economy conditions of Ethiopia.