Ethiopian Diaspora

Ethiopian Diaspora has to play a great role in consolidating their efforts, developing their country and alleviating poverty out of the country. Ethiopians in Diaspora have obligations to share in the country’s development and in various investment areas.

Our office invites the Ethiopian Diaspora to come to Ethiopia and take active involvement in the country’s socio-economic activities and in facilitating investment.   

Diaspora abroad should unify together to attract foreign investors to come to Ethiopia and invest.

Diaspora can also act as coordinating body for investment growth in the country. Furthermore, the Diaspora has the ability of mobilizing community abroad for sustainable development of Ethiopia and its people, and developing the diversity of image of the county.

We cordially invite Ethiopians Diaspora to come to their motherland and contribute the required outstanding shares at bettering the lives of Ethiopian people with unmeasured efforts and holistic approach in introducing new technologies globally accepted.