About Us

ETHIOPIA: a Safe Bet for Foreign Dollars

We are a consultancy firm that facilitate business to business and also helps out to those who are new to Ethiopia to do business. We are a pioneer in facilitating investments, business development as well as management consulting. As a country we are boarding a new era of development exceedingly surpassing most developing countries in economic out put. As a result we are undertaking numerous projects that link investors where their demands and interest lies; moreover, we connect them because their lucrative investment gets its dividend. Our expertise is at their disposal as their investment is whether it’s on energy, engineering, manufacturing, and Agro industry. 

Presently, we have numerous local business people who were connected through us and we are still seeking potential investors if they wish to partner with to contact us promptly, either through financing for expansion or consultancy. To be successful as a consultant, one must be different; must be strong; and also must be committed. The consulting field is growing faster than ever, driven by the information revolution, baby boomers moving out of corporate roles, and the struggling economy. Some consultants will join firms like ours as experienced hires, while others will make a go of it on their own. In either case, we pride ourselves, by brand positioning, talent/leadership as well as creating quality leadership, and finally operational excellence.

We are committed to our investor’s satisfactions, continuous improvement and business development. The investor (customer) satisfaction customer satisfaction is why we exist and if our clients don’t get value we don’t have business. If there is no continuous improvement in our business then one is not going to get better, and then ultimately getting worse. Business development is also important because the number one job of a company is to create a client. If one doesn’t have the capacity to build that may be you are in the wrong business. With Invest In Ethiopia your success will be immensely rewarding and beneficial.

Million Investment Consultancy

The journey of the life history of the company begins on October 2009 ever since the inception of the company; it has been legally registered and recognized in accordance with the laws of Ethiopia. Currently the headquarters of the company is located in the city of Addis Ababa, Bole road behind Mega Building.

We, at Million Investment Plc., are an extremely experienced group of advocators responsible for:

(a) promoting Ethiopia as an investment destination and;

(b)being the main information source on investment in the country.

We are highly reliable, effective and prompt facilitators and management service providers for any investor who would like to do business in Ethiopia.