Why Ethiopia?

With a very stable and democratic government, ever improving infrastructure and most of its economic indicators moving in the right direction, Ethiopia is surely the right destination for your investment. The government is currently focusing on improving and sustaining the agriculture and infrastructure (construction) sectors, though the manufacturing and real-estate sectors are also receiving a lot of attention. Other sectors offering bright prospects for investors are ICT, mining & energy, and health. There are also great opportunities for investment in education and tourism.


  • A strategic location in the north eastern part of Africa also known as the Horn of Africa, at a cross roads between Africa, the Middle East, and Asia provides access to the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) market with an estimated population of 400 million people
  • A stable political environment within the Horn of Africa, with established democratic institutions to ensure good governance
  • Availability of untapped resource and fertile land suitable for agriculture
  • An abundant, affordable and easily trainable labour force governed by Labour Law
  • A competitive daily minimum wage rate
  • A seat to key international organizations such as the African Union Commission (AUC), the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), foreign embassies and international organizations to mention a few
  • Duty free access to the European Union (EU) and US market trough the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA)
  • Potential to develop a competitive cotton or textile industry due to good climate and soil conducts
  • Over 65 textile investment projects from international investors have been licensed in Ethiopia since 1992
  • Customs duty payment exception on capital goods and construction materials, also on spare parts which value is not greater than 15% of the imported capital goods’ total value
  • Comprises the best airlines in Africa having 17 domestic destinations and over 59 destinations worldwide and is known to carry two thirds of Africa’s air freight
  • An excellent weather with moderate climate otherw
  • Income tax exception from two to seven years on manufacturing or agro-processing and agricultural investments
  • An excellent weather with moderate climate otherwise known as the “13 Months of Sunshine”, a great gift of God
  • A strong export performance
  • A truly hospitable people